Without limestone or lime, there would be no steel for our cars, computers or construction industry. For every metric ton of steel rolling off the production line, up to 50 kg of limestone and 100 kg of lime are required. Manufacture of stainless steel, the alloy commonly employed in everything from kitchen cutlery to surgical theatres, also needs lime.


Mid River Mineral is dedicated to supporting the North American steel industry with a complete range of high quality lime and limestone products.


Produced to demanding specifications for physical and chemical properties and consistency, Mid River Minerals products help our steel customers stay in step with evolving quality and environmental requirements while maximizing productivity and efficiency.



Secondary Refining


Whether produced in a basic oxygen or electric arc furnace, steel often requires secondary refining to transform it into a saleable product, especially where ultra pure steel is required.  Many secondary refining processes use lime to perform key functions, such as the adjustment of steel temperature or chemistry, the removal of additional impurities, and the prevention of reabsorption of impurities from slags.  In addition, quicklime may be used with other materials, such as fluorspar or alumina, to form a synthetic slag, which is used as a flux to remove additional sulfur and phosphorus after the initial steel refining process.


Steel Products


Hydrated lime (either dry or as a slurry) has a number of miscellaneous applications in the manufacture of steel products.  It is commonly used in wire drawing, acting as a lubricant as the steel rods or wires are drawn through dies, and in pig and slag casting in which a lime whitewash coating on the molds prevents sticking.  Lime is used to neutralize the acid-based waste pickle liquor in which iron salts are also precipitated.  After pickling, steel products are often given a lime bath to neutralize the last traces of the pickling acid adhering to the metal.  Hydrated lime is used to provide temporary corrosion protection in the form of a whitewash coating on steel products and to neutralize acid in coke by-product plants.




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