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Hot Metal Desulphurization

Solutions for Hot Metal Desulphuirization.


Through our technical team’s hands-on experience and close interaction with our customers, Mid River Mineral is able to help steel manufacturers reduce their sulphur levels in the process, in turn lowering their total process time. Through our expertise, we are able to customize tailored solutions such as blending fluidized lime with other fluxes in order to improve desulphurization and reduce the amount of metal losses helping to improve metal yield.



Profitability Solutions:


  • A desulphurization station acts as a buffer between hot metal availability and converter demand; controls the varying sulphur levels in the hot metal; as well as controlling the cost of additives, process temperature losses, and reduces the amount of metal lost in the slag.
  • The chemical and physical characteristics of the desulphurizing reagent can affect the sulphide capacity; fluidity of the slag; and allowing for smoother operations. To achieve this efficiency, Mid River Minerals custom grinds quicklime to exact specifications required by steel manufacturers.
  • The efficiency in deep desulphurization provided by lime is reliant on the lime purity and granulometry.


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